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Mar 26, 2006
주의 환기
Submitted by 작은나무 @ 03-26 [03:29 pm]
201쪽: 매크로 작성시 가끔 실수하는데, 다시는 그런 일 없기를 바라며 적어봅니다. :)

When you define a macro with simple parameters, as in these examples, you must be careful not to put blank spaces before the '{' that begins the replacement text. For example, \def\row #1 #2 {...} will not give the same result as \def\row#1#2{...}, because the spaces after #1 and #2 tell TeX to look for arguments that are followed by spaces. (Arguments can be "delimited" in a fairly general way, as explained below.) But the space after \row is optional, as usual, because TeX always disregards spaces after control words. After you have said \def\row#1#2{...}, you are allowed to put spaces between the arguments (e.g., \row x n), because TeX doesn't use single spaces as undelimited arguments.

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