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The company was built in 1954.its main products are sodium sulfide ]
[http]spun bond fabric [http]produce and export massage table [http]artificial casing and food additive [http]engine/generator/water pump [http]personal care [http]Athletic shoes [http]Hdpe [http]DVR [http]guaran?seeds [http]Motorcycles ATVs spar partes [http]Imitation Jewelry [http]MP3 Jukebox [http]Skin Care [http]gemstones [http]mans [http]Candle Nut [http]leather clothing [http]Corporate Give-aways [http]International trade service (trade agent) [http]Men's wears [http]Household tableware: glasses [http]all kinds of the surgical instruments [http]manfacture t shirts [http]toothpast [http]Gold dust [http]Quartz Infrared Lamps [http]vcd [http]filters(oil fuel and air) [http]valve\fitting\bibcock\faucet\sanitary [http]power supply cords [http]All kinds of Knit [http]TEXTILES [http]cctv cameras [http]sodium alginate (textile&printing grade/food grade/medicine grade) mannitol (pharmaceutical grade) [http]used tractors [http]o/m/p toluic acid(o/m/p methyl benzoic acid) and NN diethyl m toluamide [http]fasteners [http]circuit breaker [http]seamless steel tube [http]Oxgen Bar [http]designer handbags [http]Leather purses [http]Wood flooring and furniture [http]Bakery Yeast [http]cotton knitwear [http]copper tube [http]Scooter [http]LED flashlight [http]Woven and Knitted Tops and Bottoms of all kind [http]All industrial items needed for mfg and or maintenance [http]Daily Sun steam cleaner has an ecological cleaning action and superior to modern detergents. The steam produced by the machine because of high temperature reached dissolves fats and dust particles wh [http]olive oil [http]Safety Matches [http]landing valves [http]Thermoelectric Cooler & warmer [http]Beads [http]mobile phones accessories and phones [http]calculater and so on [http]Plastic Injection Mould [http]apparels.ec51.com SHAWLS [http]The five cereals art and grass-intertxture hexapod art [http]Wireless handsfree carkit that works in infrared. Elegant design [http]We produce paper bags [http]rattan furniture [http]digital caemra [http]tents [http]TITANIUM DIOXIDE [http]All Computer Parts [http]All Computer Parts [http://zhangxiaobo.ec51.com valves; construction machinery; packaging machinery; steel pipe; steel wire strands and ropes; thyristor;] [http://rogercn.ec51.com Our product catalog as follows: 1.GARMENTS
[http]needle roller bearings [http]Mini coolers and Warmers [http]Press Brake [http]Fruit Jam [http]hand tools [http]Industrial v-belt [http]Jackets/Pants/Sportswear/Underwear/Ski wear/Jeans wear/T-shits/Sweaters/Polar fleece jacket and etc. [http]Cotton Fabrics [http]Car DVD.Car VCD.Car Audio.Home DVD/VCD [http] 揑ngenuity?Tri-proof clean ceiling panel/environmental protection door/decorative panel/ Fitting Hinge [http]video/audio compression card [http]cord reel [http]the agent of SHARP&SONY IC&CCD used in CCTV camera: sony/sharp ccd color camera;B/W camera;dome camera;IR day/night camea [http]generator [http]CD-ROM DRIVE [http]Plastic Sheets of HDPE [http://zhaowei.ec51.com The food industry   Sodium alginate is widely used in the food industry. American give high appraisal of it with the name of "wonderful food additive"] [http]Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut High dietary fiber (coconut flour) [http]Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut High dietary fiber (coconut flour) [http]sodium alginate;seaweed fertilizer;RUBBER WHEEL FOR WHEEL BARROW [http]TELECOMMUNICATION ANTENNA [http]belt buckle [http]HALLOWEEN DECORATION [http]Tsn.ec51.com we are main maunfacturer of watch in China [http]health&medical/computer/communicate/Electronics/Electrical products [http]video game accessories [http]ceramic tile [http]all kind of fabrics [http]electric power tools [http]Beach umbrella;gold umbrella;children umbrella;ADsun embrella;foded umbrella;EVA umbrella; tent [http]bedding [http://grjbio.ec51.com Genistein. Appearance:Creyish yellow or grayish white powder Odor:Odorless Assay(HPLC):≥99.0%] [http]Watch [http]car tv [http]wireless pennis [http]FRP products and polyester resin [http]nike shoes [http]Garden and beach umbrella [http]You You can choose up to 4 categories for your company if necessary. Your company profile will be listed under all the categories you choose.You can choose up to 4 categories for your company if neces [http]Refrigerator/Chest Freezer [http]CABINET CASINGS AND TV TUNER [http]All kinds knitted items including T-Shirts [http]New Power Enterprise manufactures eletric fuel pump series professionally [http]sportswear [http]Face plate [http]clam [http]we offer various kinds of outdoor furniture and leisure furniture.if you have any inquiry [http] Zinc nitrate [http]Leather Handbag [http]lighting [http]BLANK CD-R [http]Prakash.ec51.com IV Cannula [http]bamboo shoot [http]Produce [http]int..ec51.com Cold Cathod Fluorescent [http] We at with an in the cooperation of the vapor group [http]Electric lock [http]Fob xiamen [http]circuit breaker [http]manhole cover [http]ladies handbags [http]hair products made of human hair and synthetic hair [http]Tissue Culture Banana [http]Nylon [http]Dear Sir/Ma'am [http]travel mug [http]Our products:Fresh Packer(vacuum) [http]textile [http]toys\crafts [http]Mp3 player [http]Embedded HD Video\Video Frequency Gathering Cards\Decode Machine Series [http]Caller ID phone [http]Detergent Powder [http]submersible pump [http]Kalizira Aromatic Rice [http]We provide corn starch [http]Intenet services [http]Digital & analog ICs [http]Photo frame [http]Vegetables [http]artificial flower & straw baskets [http]Knitted Garments [http]FASHION [http] coat [http]EXCHANGE THE PRODUCTS DURING HALF AN YEAR AND GRANTEE TO REPAIR DURING ONE YEAR [http]Sodium Bromate [http]Medical Disposable Gloves [http]MP3 player & Digital Voice Recorder [http]FLAT ROLLED STEEL LIKE GALVANISED [http]Apparel and Accessories Stocklot [http]kinds of shoes [http]Readymade garments [http]BISPHENOL A [http]high visibility safety garments [http]iron brass and kitchen wares handicrafts [http]XLPE power cable with voltage of 35kV and below [http]Energy Saving and all types of Lamps [http://fangbin.ec51.com Pharmaceuticals & intermediates Water treatment chemicals Food & feed additive dyes & pigments] [http]Brake parts [http]Productdevelopment [http]door phone [http]ad poker [http]ethanol [http]switch [http]sodium antimonate [http]sodium benzoate [http]Ventilators and oxygen generators [http]Solar watch [http]down garment [http]fashion fabric [http]Coke.ferrosilicon.aluminium [http]Cotton [http]ALL CHEMICALS [http]betel nut [http]Amplifier [http://Fabio.ec51.com switching power supply switching power adapter] [http]DVB-S [http]KNITTED GARMENTS [http]traveling bag [http]furniture [http]a series of leather sofa [http]cpu+hdd [http]supply mainly a series of leather sofa [http]cd-r [http]cd-r [http]socks [http]oil filter [http]COTTON WASTE(GIN MOTES) [http]sector mechanism [http]stainless steel valve [http]candle and candle holder [http://xuritrade.ec51.com FERRO MANGANESE SILICON (FE-SI-MN) ITEM: FEMN65SI17 Specification: Si:17%min Mn:65%min C:1.8max P:0.3%max S:0.04%max

ITEM: FEMN60SI14 Specification: Si:14%min Mn:60%min C:2.5max] [http]cotton yarn [http]mobile phones [http]shock absorber [http]specializing in various chairs of medium and high quailty. Telescopic piatform [http]fashion wears [http]Shot&grit [http]1.Purchasing [http]FRP grating [http]Duo Li Lai Biological Liquid fertilizer [http]SODIUM BROMATE [http]Rechargeable Batteries [http]Bra [http]Food Stuff [http]All Kinds Of Leather Shoes [http]coco peat [http]Leisure Wear [http]stone granite countertop [http]all kinds of hats [http]garments for women [http]CNC lathes [http]Sihai electronics relies mainly on specializing in the operation of the electronic components [http]Pet cloth [http]t-shirt [http]load cells and weight indicators [http]wire mesh [http]wire mesh [http]test tube [http]Rice [http]Hand blenders [http]garlic [http]sports shoes [http]ALL KINDS OF MOULDS FOR SPORT SHOES [http]ADSL [http]Steel Balls:casting and forging grinding steel balls [http]ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS & STAMPING [http]We are specialize in designing and produceing color video door phone [http]KIDNEY BEAN [http]frp grating [http]Our main export commodities are tea [http]offer different dimension FRP gratings [http]Indium [http]helmet [http]CMS [http]All apparel items for ladys [http]tapioca [http]mouse and keyborad [http]Thermocouples [http]BRISTLE [http]lamp [http]plastic bags [http]SKATE [http]all types of lamps [http]aid.ec51.com Golf Alignment Aid [http]Marble & Onyx Gift Items [http]Chicken [http]Beach Wear [http]Car Seat Cover [http]melamine tableware and kitchenware [http]glasses frame [http]badminton [http]iron [http]Dear Sirs or Madam [http]relays and rocker switches [http]sanitary napkin equipment [http]msuical dolls & cloth doll & vinyl doll [http]sensitive electronic parts [http]hospital bed [http]Kitchen Tools [http]ZINC DIE CASTING PARTS [http]disperse dyes [http]CERMIC TILES [http]EDTA [http]Circuit Breaker.Transformer.Wall Switch. Lamp.Meter.Drop Cut-out Fuse [http]dyestuff indigo&auxilaries [http]Leather covered thermal jugs [http]Haircare [http]SOLID MINERALS [http]women and men shoes [http]Children\\\\\\\'s Book [http://delikon.ec51.com electrical flexible conduit] [http]CASE AND POWER SUPPLY [http]knives [http]MP3 player [http]1. MarkUp : Financial Accounting [http]plugs [http]MP3 player [http]Polyester Spunbond [http]Shower accessories [http]non woven [http]medicine grade [http]different kinds of Calcium Carbonate [http]SWEATERS [http]aluminum composite panel [http]pp woven bag /container bag /bulk bag [http]We mainly manufacture all kinds of electronic household scales [http]air conditioner controller [http]Electric pizza pan [http]Selenium [http]t-shirt [http]Plqnt Extract [http]chemical products [http]Wind driven generator [http]Home Supplies [http]filter cartridge [http]CAST IRON PRODUCTS [http]TRUCK AND CAR TYRE [http]bearing [http]AUTO/MOTORCYCLE HOSE AND FITTING [http]Anshan Ying Yat trade Co. [http]Vacuum Cleaner [http]Metals [http]Fashion [http]electric products [http]DVR [http]Deet [http]frozen vegetable/fruit [http]pliers [http://huihuang.ec51.com ceramic balls、 Standard Ceramic Structure Tower Packing、 Acid resistant ceramic rings 、Pottery Granule For Water Treatment、Acid-Heat-Resistant ceramic Brick&Plate&#122] [http]imidzole [http]Filling & Capping Machine [http]Xinyu Aluminium Profile Co. [http]TITANIUM DIOXIDE COBALT OXIDE [http]sport shoes [http]925 sterling silver jewlery [http]T-Shirt [http]Office Furniture [http]Mango and all other fruits exports [http]FINISHED LEATHER & CRUST [http]moving and talking stuffed toys [http]sdfssafsafa [http]generator [http]Dehydrated Onion / Garlic [http]pu cushion [http]laminated flooring [http]all kinds of scooters [http]chopsticks [http]wooden furniture [http]metal products [http]cable and wire [http]Dry battery(Super Alkaline battery & Carbon zinc battery) [http]MTBE [http]scooter [http]maltol [http]CQ series Super Safety Suitcase [http]novelty Gifts and Smart Toyes and Dolls Parts. [http]E-scooter [http]manufacturer and exporter of quality ironing board step ladder and rack to Erope [http]photo frame [http]Paint Paper Series

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