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Victor Eijkhout, TeX by Topic

TeX Programming을 생각하는 사람이라면 반드시 옆에 두고 참고해야 할 필독서. 출판된 지 10년이 훨씬 넘었지만 아직도 그 명성을 잃지 않은 책이다.

Eijkhout's book is not a loose collection of unconnected entries but a very systematic account of how TeX works as a programming language.


TeX by Topic in TeX Live

# texdoc texbytopic


  author =       "Victor Eijkhout",
  title =        "{\TeX} by Topic, {A} {\TeX}nician's Reference",
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Free PDF Version of TeX by Topic

TeX by Topic has long been out of print. Now that the publisher has reverted the rights to me, I have decided to make the book freely available in PDF form. Go ahead, download and enjoy it. What you are getting here is a conversion to LaTeX of the original book, which used a non-standard macro package. In other words, you get the text, but not the original formatting.

이 Free version이 TeX Live에 포함되었다.

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