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The TeXbook

  • The definitive guide to the use of TeX

이 책의 pdf 를 구할 수 있는 링크를 이 곳에 소개하는 것은 적절하지 않아 보입니다. 다음은 Knuth의 홈페이지에 나오는 내용입니다.
Copyright Infringement

The source file texbook.tex for The TeXbook has been available for many years, 
and it begins with the following lines:

% This manual is copyright (C) 1984 by the American Mathematical Society.
% All rights are reserved!
% The file is distributed only for people to see its examples of TeX input,
% not for use in the preparation of books like The TeXbook.
% Permission for any other use of this file must be obtained in writing
% from the copyright holder and also from the publisher (Addison-Wesley).
\errmessage{This manual is copyrighted and should not be TeXed}\repeat

From time to time, however, people have flagrantly violated these instructions, 
and posted PDF files of The TeXbook on the Internet.

Which of the words in those perfectly clear instructions do the people who do 
such things fail to understand? Please, if you happen to see illicit copies 
of these books, send a note to board@tug.org so that our user community 
can apply peer pressure and/or legal action to those who are unfairly exploiting 
our open-TeX approach.


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