"It seems strange to meet computer geeks who're still primarily running Windows... as if they were still cooking on a wood stove or something." - mbp
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The following pages are about the development of MoinMoin: These pages provide information about using and installing MoinMoin:
  • HelpContents - The main page of the help system
  • HelpMiscellaneous/FrequentlyAskedQuestions - Frequently Asked Questions
  • MoinMoin:MoinMoinMailingLists - discussion about MoinMoin via email
  • MoinMoin:MoinMoinWikis - list of wiki sites using MoinMoin
  • /InstallDocs - all the help pages about installation rolled into one
  • /InstallationsAnleitung - installation docs in German

Other pages about MoinMoin: External links: Connect to Foldoc:IRC for meeting the author and other MoinMoin users and developers:

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